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For making personal and professional conversations in the best way, the users need to have a Gmail account either on their smartphone or other desktop device. There are numerous options that let the users to customize their account into an impressive one. Most of the people are just aware of two or more options available on the left side of your Gmail account like Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, Trash, Starred, Compose etc. Besides the fundamental things, people are quite unaware about the hidden tricks and tips about www.gmail.com tricks.

Despite you make use of Gmail services, it is quite essential to set up a Gmail account on your smartphone or Laptop. If you are aware of the usage of Gmail and its services, you can send or receive email. In order to get the best productivity out of Gmail account services, you need to learn some best tricks and tips provided in this post. You can easily get complete control over your emails by following the simple Gmail account tips provided here.

www.gmail.com tips and tricks 2017 for Beginners & Advanced Users

  1. Set up filters in Gmail

You get massive number of emails from various sources like social media, promotions of various products and a lot more. In such a case, the users need to delete unnecessary mails on their inbox. It is quite difficult to filter or sort out important mails from huge list. In such a case, Gmail filters come into picture. In order to set up filters on Gmail, just follow the easy steps provided below:

  • Enter the keyword in the search bar that you want to filter and click the enter button.
  • Click on the triangle shaped drop down menu and tap on ‘Create filter with this search’ option.
  • You need to check the button ‘Apply Label,’
  • You need to create the label that you want to create and click on the ‘Create filter’ option.
  • You have now successfully created or set up filters in Gmail.
  1. Add contacts in Gmail

  • First of all, login into your Gmail account using your credentials.
  • Just click on the drop down menu of Gmail that appears on the left corner of the page.
  • Click on Contacts option from the drop down list.
  • You need to click on the contact icon appeared at the bottom of your page.
  • You can then enter the name of the contact and simply hit the create button.
  • You can edit the contact so as to add photo, nickname, name of the company and other essential details.
  1. Gmail Multiple inboxes

  • Go to Settings on Gmail and click on Labs.
  • You need to search for multiple inboxes and choose the enable option.
  • You can set the labels that appear in your inboxes.
  • Just save the changes so as to implement the Gmail Multiple inboxes.
  1. Read Gmail offline

  • Navigate to Settings on your Gmail account.
  • Just click on the offline tab appeared on the screen.
  • You need to enable offline mail on your device.
  • Just tap on save changes
  1. Add a signature in Gmail

  • Go to Settings >> General and disable Gmail signatures in your account.
  • Enter your required signature and save the changes.

These are the best www.gmail.com tricks and Gmail account tips helpful for all the Gmail users.

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