Forgot Password | How to Recover lost Gmail Password?

Recover lost Gmail Password

Gmail is the best email service offered to all the users from the giant search engine Google. In the current era, each and every individual has a Gmail account so as to send confidential mails and information to their friends and office members. In order to create Gmail account, the users need to make use of a username and a password. The password that you set for your Gmail account must be very strong and confidential. If in case, you forget your Gmail account password, there is a possibility of recovering the password using numerous methods.

Sometimes, people forget their password and even forget the question they used as recovery option. In such a case, you can provide the Gmail account address of any of your friends who has acquired access to your account in some cases. The below provided solutions are helpful for people who Gmail forgot password. If you are seeking to learn the process of password recovery, we have come up with a detailed step by step guide in this post. Check it out!

Ways to Reset Gmail Password 

There are two different methods that help the users to reset Gmail password. The recovery password solutions provided below in this post. If you forgot your Gmail password, you can make use of any of the below methods to recover it.

Method 1: Gmail Account Recovery Page

If you have any problem in accessing your Gmail account, the users can reset or recover the Gmail password using Gmail Account recovery page. Go to and begin the recovery process. Just tap on ‘Need help’ option below the login box.

  • If you have trouble in signing into the Gmail account, you need to choose any of the options like ‘I don’t know my password’, ‘I don’t know my username’, and I’m having other problems signing in.’

gmail password recovery

  • If you choose the option ‘I don’t know password, you need to choose receiving a verification code to either your mobile number via message or phone call.
  • After receiving the code, just enter it in the below field and hit the continue button.
  • You can now reset your password and login into your Gmail with much ease.

Method 2: Forgotten Password Recovery

Just follow the simple steps that aid the users to reset Gmail account or recover the account from the below process:

  • If you provide an alternative email address at the time of creation of Gmail account, you can choose this method. Just tap on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page.
  • Enter the complete Gmail address on the Account support page.
  • ​Gmail provides list of questions wherein you need to choose one and enter your answer. If you failed in answering the question, you can access to your mobile number.
  • ​You will receive a verification code to your mobile through call or SMS. Enter the code in the provided field and create a new password for your old Gmail account.

​This is the simple method that helps the users to get access to your account through password reset.

These are the two different and easy methods that allow the users to easily recover or reset Gmail password without any difficulty.


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